Medicare Advantage Plans In Florida 2021

Medicare Advantage Plans In Florida 2021

Many beneficiaries choose Medicare Advantage, a type of Medicare plan offered by private health insurance companies with Medicare’s approval to evade costly supplement insurance for standard Medicare. It offers all benefits from Part A and B Medicare and additional coverage. You can choose this plan if you qualify for Medicare eligibility in Florida, that is, being 65 years of age or older and enrolling in Medicare Part A and B.

An attractive feature of Medicare Advantage is Part D coverage and special benefits, like vision and dental, under the same plan. However, one must be careful since private insurance companies provide these plans and Medicare Advantage plans differ greatly. To make you more knowledgeable, here we present all Medicare Advantage plans available in Florida in 2021. 

Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs)

These plans use in-network doctors and hospitals that members must use to be covered. In consequence, its guidelines are very rigid. You can see a doctor outside the network, but you will pay the full cost out-of-pocket. To see a specialist, you must get a referral from your primary care doctor.

These are the most common Medicare health insurance plans offered by private insurance providers in Florida. Most provide fitness benefits, vision, dental, hearing, and some drugs starting from a $0 monthly premium. A few reputable providers in the state are Humana, Aetna, Florida Blue Medicare, Simply Healthcare, and CarePlus Health Plans, among others.

Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs)

This plan is also common among Florida Medicare. While this plan offers a network of doctors and hospitals, you have the freedom to choose a different provider paying higher out-of-pocket costs. Unlike HMOs, you are not required to have a primary doctor, and you don't need referrals to consult a specialist.

Nevertheless, not every healthcare provider accepts the plan's payment terms, so if you are using out-of-network services, make sure they accept it. With a monthly premium that starts on 0$, some providers that offer PPOs are Humana, Aetna, WellCare, and United Healthcare.

Private-Fee-for-Services (PFFSs)

This plan allows for the freedom to choose your healthcare providers. You are not required to have a primary care physician or a referral to consult a specialist. The plan determines how much they will pay any healthcare provider and how much a beneficiary will pay for services, so it allows using any provider that accepts Medicare. It may include dental and vision, depending on the company. Starting with a monthly premium of $101, Humana is the main provider of this specific plan, offering coverage for drugs, hospital, and medical expenses, preventive care, ambulance rides, dental, vision, hearing, and fitness benefits.

Special Needs Plans (SNPs)

These plans are tailored to beneficiaries with specific chronic ailments, are institutionalized, or have dual eligibility for Medicare and Medicaid. All benefits, provider options, and prescription drug coverage are customized to meet the patient’s needs.

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Medicare Advantage Plans In Florida 2021
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Medicare Advantage Plans In Florida 2021
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