Medigap Plan G

When someone first signs up for Medicare, they’re often surprised to learn it’s not free. Rather, Medicare comes with an assortment of substantial copays, deductibles, and coinsurances. 

While most people save on their health insurance after switching to Medicare, the expenses can be challenging and tiresome to maneuver.

If your healthcare needs are fairly expansive, they can also grow to be seriously harmful to your financial health. In this case, Medigap Plan G might be what you need.

What is a Medigap Plan?

The Medigap plans as they exist today originate from 1990 legislation that sought to standardize Medicare coverage. This included an assortment of universal Medicare supplement plans that expand coverage in a variety of ways. These Medicare supplement plans are also known as Medigap plans because of their role in “filling the gaps” in Medicare.

Some Medigap plans have an extremely low up-front premium cost and eliminate one or two out of pocket expenses. Others are comparatively pricey but offer extremely comprehensive coverage, such as Plan F and Plan G. It’s no coincidence that these are the most popular Medigap plans to choose from.

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Medigap Plan G Benefits

It’s easier to describe what Medigap Plan G doesn’t cover than what it does. It covers every out-of-pocket Medicare expense except for the modest Part B deductible, which is less than $200. On the other hand, it eliminates expenses such as:


  • Medicare Part A Coinsurance Hospital Costs
  • Medicare Part A Hospice Care
  • Medicare Part A Deductible
  • Skilled Nursing Facility Coinsurance
  • Medicare Part B Excess Charges
  • Medicare Part B 20% Copay
  • Blood Transfusions Up to Three Pints

Plan G Fills Gaps

If you require over 60 days of hospital care per year, Medicare Part A coinsurance can quickly cost you thousands of dollars. The extended Part A coverage of Medigap Plan G can end up paying for itself, which is incredible when you consider that there are many more benefits.

Medicare Part B covers the cost of Medicare procedures you require while at the hospital. However, there are a few major holes in Part B coverage. While the monthly premium and deductible are fairly manageable, there are two larger expenses. The first, the 20% copay, can quickly become unbearable for those who receive particularly expensive care. Excess charges can also become ruinous in states that don’t prohibit excess charges, the fees that result when a doctor charges more for a service than Medicare will cover.

A large part of Medigap Plan G’s value is that it will eliminate both of these expenses. If you live in a state where excess charges are legal, you should seriously consider adopting Medigap Plan G. Beyond filling gaps in normal care, the plan comes with some extremely valuable bonuses. For instance, Plan G includes an impressive fund to cover foreign travel emergencies overseas.

The scope of Medicare supplement Plan G will allow you to receive many sorts of inpatient and outpatient care without deductibles and copays. This includes such diverse expenses as hospice care, skilled nursing, diabetes medication, surgeries, ambulance costs and many more.

Medigap Plan G vs Plan F

The only difference between Medigap Plan G and Plan F is the Part B deductible, which is less than $200 as of 2020. This makes it surprisingly easy for us to guide you to the better choice. In some markets, we can find Plan G coverage that will save you money even if you need to pay the Part B deductible. For instance, $200 over an entire year is less than $15 per month. In this case, choosing Plan G is a no-brainer.

If costs between the two plans are more competitive, we’ll help you weigh the likelihood of paying the Part B deductible this year. From there, we’ll consider your preferences for predictable, higher costs or unpredictable, lower expenses. For instance, if Medigap Plan F only costs $10 more than Plan G, it will save you $80 should you need Part B coverage. On the other hand, Plan G will save you $120 per year in this situation if you don’t end up using Part B coverage. However, analyzing these issues and guiding you to the best solution is the name of our business. After consulting us, you’ll know what form of Medicare coverage is right for you.

Call the Medicare Health Experts

If you’re wondering whether or not Medigap Plan G is right for you, we can help. The Medicare Health Experts are exactly what we call ourselves, and we can compare your needs to the myriad of available plans. With our help, you’ll find the best possible Medicare coverage. That might be Plan G, an entirely different Medigap plan, or it might be a Part C Medicare Advantage plan. Call the Medicare Health Experts to improve your coverage and save money now.